My Newest Novel

Well today was it. I posted my first novel for public viewing. I have to say I was and am still extremely nervous about it. All I can think about is if people are going to like it. I can take constructive criticism, however sometimes people take criticism into all out attack. Which is just plain mean and cruel, yet the world is full of cruel people.  What I am mostly worried about though is not the general pop, but my friends and family. Their opinions matter the most to me, what they think and comment will help change how the book is written. Don’t get me wrong, the book with def stay my style of writing and always have my main views and inputs into it. However, some of my friends are brilliant writers and their feedback is going to help shape this novel to the brilliance that I want it to be.

Whenever I walk into a book store, I always pictured a book that I wrote sitting on one of the feature stands, or in the window, displayed for the world to see. I dream of book signings and meeting fans, taking selfies with them. Eventually hitting the big screens with my novels becoming scripts hence big feature films. Walking down that red carpet, meeting celebs and going to parties. Yeah that sounds like awesome fun. However, although it is a dream, it is just that. A dream. In all honesty, its not a career I choose for myself, Vet Tech will always be the number one answer for me. But I also think, what if? And you know what, if some publisher/editor/agent came up to me and asked if I wanted to take my book to the next level, I would jump at the chance. As long as at the end of the day I could always go back to my normal life of working as a Vet Tech in a small clinic, doing mobile work on farms. That is my real dream. And I can’t wait for it to get started.

Hey if your interested check out the prologue that I just uploaded, first chapter comes out later tomorrow well..*checks clock* today actually lolz. And let me know what ya’ll think 🙂 thanks so much for the support! Hope you like it as well.


Ya’ll have a goodnight,

WolfHowls For Everywolf

Kamaria J.


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