Alenshia: Prologue




By: Gabrielle Jansen

Author’s Note: Hello all! I decided to write this novel after doing a few binge readings of some of my favourite series. I always enjoyed writing, but never thought to do it publically. This is the first time I am releasing something for public viewing and to be honest I am quite nervous as I’ve never had my writings read and reviewed. Please feel free to leave me some feedback in the comments on either the Facebook post or (more preferably) on my WordPress. Also be sure to follow my blog on WordPress for more updates, and notifications on when I release a new chapter. Thank you so much for reading! Enjoy!



For the love of my life, Colin,

For always believing in me and telling me to just go for it.



Victoria, BC – 1806


I jumped awake at the feeling of the ground shaking. Not shaking, I soon realized as the colour drained from my face and my breathing quickened. No…it’s not supposed to happen today. I throw off the covers and race to the wardrobe at the end of my bedroom, grabbing the duals swords in the process that were resting at the end of my grand four poster bed. They gleamed in the soft moonlight, almost smiling at the violence to come, wanting blood to taste the blade. I squeezed myself in behind the space between the wall and the wardrobe back to hide. I smiled to myself, silently thanking the servant that suggested I put it on an angle to the corner of the wall. I looked down and laughed at myself inside my head, my blue night gown was sure going to give the soldiers a sight to see. I quickly shook the thoughts from my head, Idiot, you’re going to die soon. Right…..For a moment I wished this was a bad dream, I begged myself to wake up, but from the sounds of the walls shuddering under the weight of sudden cannon fire, I knew this was all too real.

I quieted my breathing, concentrating hard, through my advanced hearing I could sense the army of footsteps racing up the servant stairwell. Crap, there’s too many. I peeked around the corner of the wardrobe searching my bedroom for something else to use, however there was nothing in my reach. My searching hope faded as I realized the only flaming potions I had left where in my nightstand….across the room. The footsteps where drawing nearer, he would know exactly where I was, he always did. I had no choice but to fight this the old fashioned way. I rested my head against the wall, gathered my strength, sucking my breath inward and jumped out from my hiding place, just as the door was kicked in.



4 thoughts on “Alenshia: Prologue

  1. Good job so far! Can’t wait for more to come.

    Some things to keep in mind for future chapters is the flow and pace. I did notice that the story seemed rather rushed which can lead readers to become confused and not have enough time to absorb the scene before them.

    Another tip is to focus on the detail. Maybe add a bit more detail? It wasn’t a major problem for myself, however some readers may struggle picturing the scene, actions taken, or the appearance of the character. Illuminating how the character feels in detail allows the readers to develop a bond to the character!

    If you ever want anymore tips, advice, or pounce off ideas let me know!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks gurl! I really appreciate the advice 🙂 yeah detailing is usually hard for me since I tend to write mostly short stories. I will def keep that in mind 🙂


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