A New Job

(Oh wow its been awhile since I have posted something, but fret not I am here. :3)

So throughout my working life, I have only managed to have one part-time job working in retail, frankly it was a good job when I started but with changes in management and new policies that are coming around, its starting to become a chore and a dredge in the back of my mind to get out the house and head over to it. So I decided to start looking elsewhere for new employment.

It’s not easy, especially where I live, its a very small town. And most jobs have been taken already by others, or there are older people who don’t want to retire just yet staying in that position. And if that didn’t make matters worse, on top of that school restrains my possible work schedule and that’s not including mandatory volunteer hours for my program along with clinic hours. Sigh…. :/

Basically my life for the past few months has been researching on Monster, Workopolis, Indeed etc. to find something. (If anyone is in the Bolton area, hey let me know if there’s a job available near ya! XD) Although searching online is easy, as every company is now switching to online forms, its also difficult because many others are applying as well, and sometimes you don’t even get a chance to get an interview with that manager/owner, because someone’s resume looks better online then yours does. It’s actually kind of unfair because you can be the most hardest working person, aka someone like me. But you don’t have the experience on paper to necessarily be “fit” for the job. Even if your dedicated and willing to learn fast to be appropriate for that job, again…also me…sigh… 😦

Thankfully, there are “easy to join companies” like Younique, Scentsy, etc. that you put some effort in and can make a profit. I am currently with Scentsy, so if anyone is reading please check out my website (https://gabbyjansen.scentsy.ca/) They really do have amazing stuff, so feel free to browse!

However, with jobs like these its not guaranteed because you have to find clientele, and sometimes with advertising your company/website, people can get annoyed with you. Saying your hustling or swindling and honestly we aint, we’re just trying to make some money too in this world that unfortunately runs on it :/. So for all of my fellow consultants out there trying to make it with a consulting company, I tip my hat off to ya! Because not everyone knows what we go through.

Have you ever had a job you hated? Wanted to switch to a different one so bad? Let me know it the comments. Also if you are interested in buying, PM me or comment 🙂 or send me a message on my website, Ill be more then happy to reply.


Happy Hunting and Buying,

Kamaria J.

WolfHowls for Everywolf!

PS. Thanks to anyone who actually reads these posts, your support and view means a lot. 🙂





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