Stuffed Animals: The Little Humans We Sleep With

Stuffed animals, Stuffies, Bears, Lovers, whatever you call your special friend (Hey I ain’t judging 😉 ) for almost any person, they enter into our lives to stay. There is just something about holding a plush, cotton or silky toy that calms us right down. For me it was a way of coping growing up without a pet throughout my childhood. (My parents worked all the time and I was always away at school or being babysat by my grandparents so no pets at all, I know! tragic right? :/) It’s also a way to be comforted when your sad, when you just need a giant hug from something cute and soft.

When I say they enter to stay, its because its sooo hard to get rid of just one. I know that I have over at least 100 stuffed animals laying in my room and closet and I can’t part with any of them because of the memories and times that I’ve shared and had with them. I like to regard them as Little Humans who are a person’s first best friend. When your a baby, what’s the first thing your parents buy you? That’s right, a stuffed animal. So having this toy with you throughout your growing life; you talk to it, tell it stories, hold it while crying, run around the house with it chasing after something. Its there through everything. A non-judging, all-secret-holding little human that (of course 😉 ) totally talked back to you 😛

Even the thought of my mom asking me to clean out my closet, which we all know is mom speak for you better throw out shit cause you have too much shit, makes me cringe. And of course, the addiction of having them all because every time you walk into a store or a holiday roles around that’s all you can think about is adding another to that collection. And hopefully getting it without your mom noticing, so she doesn’t comment stupid things like ok you got this one, now you need to throw 3 out to have that 1. Like COME ON MOM!!! What da hell man? X$

So I spend my adult days, looking and going through my little friends. Of course I aint getting rid of any one of them, and of course I’m using the excuse of Ill do it tomorrow or Oh! Ill give that to my kid one day! (Yeah right, like my kids are getting my stuffies lolz go buy your own 😉 lmfao) But I digress, stuffed animals in general are just awesome to have and keep. And for anyone that thinks its weird trust me, go out, buy yourself a stuffed animal, and watch how fast you start cuddling with it, talking to it and naming it. Its human nature :P.

So what’s your favourite stuffy? (I can’t choose honestly, but if I could say a category I’d say my horse ones :P) Let me know in the comments!! 😀


Thanks for reading,

Kamaria J.

WolfHowls for Everywolf!


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