The Jealousy is Strong with This One

(Ooooo Star Wars reference ftw. ;P)

Jealousy. Oh man its a difficult topic. Why so difficult? It’s because jealousy hits and affects people in soo many different ways. Where one person may see another’s jealousy unjustified, that person is feeling it all too real. As human beings we all feel jealousy. It’s in our nature to be possessive over certain aspects and if that object, person, or place is taken from us, jealousy will set in.

So where am I going with this topic? Well today I felt the worst kind of jealousy, well in my mind is the worst. Unfortunately, since I live far away from my boyfriend, I have to leave my kittens that we adopted together, from the animal shelter at his place. With my brother being allergic, and my parents not allowing pets in the house, there was no where else for them to stay. Now I don’t have any issues whatsoever with leaving them with my boyfriend, I know that with him they are safe and receiving the best care that they can. However, (and this is where jealousy seeped in) its obvious who they now gravitate towards. Because I can only stay for a few days sometimes only a week out of every month due to school, the kittens spend more time with him and his dad then they do with me. So even though I’m their mom, it doesn’t always feel like it because they would rather sit on his lap or cuddle with him or nuzzle him. So this morning was no exception when my boy Bruce (Batman) decided to lean up against my boyfriend in bed instead of me, slept beside him all night and then there was just me…feeling very alone and jealous.

Now I know they don’t mean anything by it. Come on, how can I blame a cat for loving someone more that they see everyday? That wouldn’t be fair at all. But I guess, its just the motion of the act and the feelings starting to set in. Sigh, I cant wait for the day when I can move in permanently and they can see me everyday…

Now as I said this is a difficult topic, cause there will be a lot of you wolves out there that disagree with how I’m feeling, that my jealousy is unjustified and wrong. However, its a free world, free speech, and this is my blog, soo yeah ;).

What jealousy have you wolves felt today? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading,

Kamaria J.

WolfHowls for Everywolf!

PS. For all of those that are wondering, I call my subscribers on youtube, wolves cause we are the wolfpack 🙂 So I just decided to carry that over to this blog. If you wanna join the wolfpack, please subscribe today @KamariaJ. (Hey! that rhymed 😉 )


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