The First Day

Well, today is it, today is the day I start this blog, and to try and keep it going. XD There have been many times where I have told myself that I wanted to write my thoughts and ideas down on paper. So I would start a Diary or Journal, and keep it going for a few days…If I’m lucky maybe a week. And then I would either forget, become bored, or just not want to write anymore. So instead I dropped the idea of writing by hand because hey, cramps in da hand suck lolz and I could get everything down faster. So I decided to write in my Word documents on my laptop. Unfortunately, my family is more noisy then they should be and since I couldn’t figure out how to work the stupid lock mechanism thingy on the word folders I deleted those and gave up on that notion too.

And so many years passed since then, I then while watching some youtube videos, I came across CutiepieMarzia’s post about Word Press and that she was starting a blog on it. And finally I thought, this was my chance to actually have something going here. However, as technology loves to hate me, my first blog didn’t turn out so well the way I wanted it to and I deleted it, not thinking that I couldn’t use the same username when I did. So therefore I had to create a whole new one, with a blog name that I aint happy with but oh well life’s a bitch am I right? 😉 lolz Maybe one day things can start to work out for me. 😛

Anyways, heres to hoping I can keep this up.


Thanks for reading,

Kamaria J.

WolfHowls for Everywolf!


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